If you choose the All-Inclusive offer, you can take advantage of our full service beach. Service packed with entertainment for youngs and adultes:

  • Animation daily from 10:00 am to 18:00 in the afternoon,
  • Baby Parking with babysitting,
  • Junior Club with creative workshops,
  • Baby Dance every day,
  • Nursery with free hot water,
  • Bech umbrella cots,cabin for the toys…


Eh … for older people:

  • morning awakening every morning next to the Sea,
  • Latin Americans Dance Lessons each afternoon…
  • beach tennis and beach volleyball tournaments,
  • courses of LesMills, bodyvive, bodybalance, spinning, dembow step,
  • morning gymnastics in seashore,
  • yoga,
  • water aerobics,
  • fit-box,
  • zumba ….


… Oh so much more …

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